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Take a break before you run out of juice - is the advice of an entrepreneur that has struggled with this before. 0

Learn How to Take a Break

Know when enough is enough Don’t wait too long before taking a break. Some people need a reason for everything, and thus don’t take a vacation until they desperately need one – when they are physically exhausted, burned-out, or ill. The best time to plan your next vacation is, before...

The balance between life and work always has to be maintained or we will suffer the consequences. 1

Are You Setting the Goal Bar too High?

Our goals can cause collapse One major cause of my burnout as a young entrepreneur at the age of 27, was the fact that my goals were setting the bar too high. I had set my goals high, aware that they had to make me stretch but unaware that we...

Stress and emotions can have their toll if you do not keep them in check. Ben Kubassek has some remedies foy you. 12

How to Deal with Emotional Overload Symptoms

Understand what an emotion is An emotion is a “stirred up reaction” such as love, hate, fear, anger or grief which are also referred to as emotional overload symptoms. An emotion is aroused when a person views something as either good or bad. However, an emotion does not always have...

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