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The Health and Wellness Habits That Could Save Your Life

One of my greatest assets is my healthy body. Without my health, I am of little use to anyone; my family, my company, my community, and the list goes on. So, I have a big responsibility and interest in staying healthy. Much of what causes illness is within our control. The...

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3 Things To Help You Identify Your Life Purpose

As Craig Groeschel says in his book, Chazown, to find our purpose we need to learn 3 things about ourselves. We need to know what makes us glad, sad, and mad. I am fortunate to have discovered my purpose early in life. Fortunate to have had the courage to pursue my...

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5 Good Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Much of what we achieve and accomplish in life is a result of our choices and the decisions we have made. As humans, we like to blame our condition or our results in life on external circumstances. It may be our lack of education, our poor parents, our lack of connections, and etc. It’s true…much of what we experience is as a result of the choices our parents made.

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ATTITUDE — the BIG Difference

February 5, 2015 How to Live Everyday with a Positive Mindset Our attitude is a combination of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Our attitude is our statement to the world of who we really are, regardless of what we say. Our life is merely a reflection of our attitudes. Our...

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5 Steps to Worry Prevention

Probably the most important factor in worry prevention is the prevention of fatigue. I have found in my own life that when I’m worn-out physically, I am susceptible to worry. Much like the way fatigue lowers our resistance to the common cold, fatigue lowers our resistance to the emotions of...

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Entrepreneurs – Missionaries of The Future

In 1989 the final bricks of communism’s teetering structure came crashing down. Seventy years of inhuman, godless government collapsed, nearly overnight. The images of delirious young people dancing atop the hated Berlin Wall are etched in our minds forever. From this dramatic beginning, the nations of Central and Eastern Europe...

21 Life lessons I’ve learned from my mother + Ben Kubassek 3

20 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mother

Today we are celebrating my mother Theresa’s 88th birthday. Her energy and positive outlook on life leaves an impression on everyone she comes in contact with. At her age she is not even thinking about retirement and goes to work every day her health permits. She used to tell people “I want to...

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Why move to Romania?

Why Would an Entrepreneur in His Right Mind Move to Romania? Why Romania? Why would anyone in their right mind move to Romania from Canada when most Romanians can’t wait to leave this country? If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked those questions I would be...

Success can be harvested the same way a crop can be - only if you plant it in advance and put a lor of effort into it. 4

7 Laws of Success I Learned on the Farm

Being raised on a farm, as a youth I had the privilege of witnessing the miracle of planting in order to harvest. I later began to experience the same law of success at work in my own personal life. As I studied the lives of both successful people and those...

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